"Blind Pilots Projekt" Thessaloniki, Greece - 2016

09.12.2016 17:19

moje malickost zapojena v celosvetovem projektu pro nevidome "Blind Pilots Projekt" Thessaloniki, Greece - 2016

An AIRtistic project
in Thessaloniki, Greece | at the Port in Warehouse C'
The Blind Pilots Project #2 consists of a massive photo exhibition from world wide awarded photographers after a personal invitation, (reaching 30 different countries). An amazing roster of famous artists share their famous images, for all the Blind Pilots fans to enjoy and appreciate. Installations especially made for the Blind Pilots will decorate the space making the warehouse even more artistic while professional baristas will serve cocktails at the bars. Throughout the whole project live music from our guest world class Dj’s [GER, ENG & GR] will keep the warehouse up beat and in rythm.

"The way EYE see it"
is the subject of the photography exhibition that every lucky visitor will enjoy.
85 Awarded photographers from around the globe [Australia, USA, India, Africa, Russia, Malaisia, Japan, Canada, Europe] present their 50x70cm images, and explain to us "the way they saw it", the way they captured it, the unique way they think and work.
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Let's all enjoy all these flights :-)

A massive photo competition will take place in October-November 2016 in our Facebook page
A great opportunity to the amateur, to the young artist to be a part of The Blind Pilots Project. 
The best 15 among the contestants will be printed and exhibited next to the main exhibition.

On the 26th of November 2016 we will enjoy 100 journeys the way our artists saw them.
On the 26nd of November 2016 the city of Thessaloniki - will be heard in all four corners of the world.
The city of Thessaloniki will celebrate art, passion, the will to accomplish, the free minds...
Come on board on this wonderfull journey